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High Jump Landing Pits

ETPsports now supplies landing pits and pit pieces, as well at the covers for high jump pits. Long lasting cushioning foam for safer landing from the high jump. Available as raw foam pits for new or replacement use. Best supplied with our custom heavy duty fabric cover in your school colors.

high jump cover and pits


High Jump Pits – Click To Download PDF

ETP standard High Jump Pit

ETP Jumbo High Jump Pit

ETP-University High Jump Pit

ETP paramount high jump pit


  High Jump Landing Systems
Standard High Jump Landing System
16’ x 8’ x 24”
University High Jump Landing System
18’ x 10’ x 28”
 Jumbo High Jump Landing System
20’ x 11’3” x 28” w/ safety cut out
 Paramont Pole Vault Landing System
21’6″ x 13’2″ x 28″ w/ safety cut out
  Other sizes of High Jump Pits Available Upon Request